Pro-log Fishing Records Log Book - Faux Leather Cover

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The Pro-Log Fishing Records logbook combines the perfect size and design for a logbook (lay-flat spiral binding and two side by side 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 pages) to make this the ultimate fishing logbook.

Serious fishermen and fisherwomen keep fishing diaries to learn from past experiences and also to record memories of fishing trips.

The author of the Pro-Log books is the bestselling author of America's favorite fishing knot references (over 1 million sold) , and has personally used log books of his own design and others for 20+ years. The Pro-Log books are the result of his experience as well as the input from fishing friends, guides and tackle shop owners.

The Pro-Log books hit the sweet spot with lay flat binding and providing easy entry prompts for pertinent repeating data such as location, date and time, weather and water conditions, productive techniques, types, size, weight and number of fish caught. It even lets you rank the day 1 to 5 stars, rate the "crowd factor" and keep track of trips per year! There is also plenty of space to write your memories of the day - anecdotes about experiences or companions, wildlife observed, anything of note. Reading through these notes years later can be a trip down memory lane.

The Pro-Log Fishing Records book is truly exceptional and makes the perfect gift for the fishing son, daughter, father, or friend in your life!