Magazine Reviews

Articles and reviews have been written about our knot cards in over a dozen magazines. You can read a few of the excerpts below.

January/February 2008 Ballooning: "What I need is a knot cheat sheet. Why can't someone come up with a handy, easy to carry, quick reference guide to knots? What? Someone did? PRO-KNOT cards are the brainchild of John Sherry. Six waterproof, plastic, credit card sized guides to 14 of the most popular rope knots. The entire set weighs less than 1-ounce. You can carry them in your shirt pocket, your wallet, in a flight bag or in the glove box of the chase truck."

Featured in August 2002 Sailing: "Finally, there is the Pro-Knot Boating Knot cards, not really a book at all, but six waterproof plastic cards that are arranged in a fan format that will fit inside your wallet..."

Featured in March 2002 North American Fisherman: "The Fisherman's Ultimate Knot Guide is a handy tool to carry in your tackle box. The cards show the basic knots that you need and the ruler comes in handy for checking fish length. The Ultimate Knot Guide's durable materials and design, coupled with easy-to-read instructions make it simple to store and use. Illustrations are clear and concise."

Featured in June 2001 geo plein air  OK, we don't understand a word of it as it is a french language magazine, but we assume they said good things about "le cartes PRO-KNOT"!

Featured in September 2000, Backpacker Magazine:
"Knot Cheat Sheets" "The rabbit comes out of the hole, goes around the tree, and crawls back into his hole." That is the traditional mnemonic for tying the bowline. But if you can barely remember how to tie your shoes, let alone where some imaginary rabbit is supposed to go, you need a knot cheat sheet. Pro-Knot summarizes 12 basic outdoor knots on six plastic cards that weigh less than an ounce for the set. The company also offers two sets of fishing line knot cards..."

Featured in June 1999, Outside Magazine: "Remembering how to tie a bowline versus, say, a mooring hitch can tangle more than just the mind. So, for the sailor, fisherman, climber, or backpacker who's rusty on such matters, there's now a handy set of shirt-pocket -sized cards that illustrate how to rig all the most common knots. The Pro-Knot Fan Pack ($5; from J. E. Sherry Company, 800-809-0341) features 12 essential outdoor ties, from the sheet bend (a nautical twist used for binding two lines together) and the trucker's hitch (for lashing a canoe to the car roof) to the familiar yet often pesky square knot....Waterproof and durable, these plastic cheat sheets are riveted together in one corner so they can be fanned out for easy reference, no matter what your bind."

Featured in June/July 1999, Outdoor Life Magazine, "The fish are rising but you're trying to attach leader to line, thinking, "With the nail knot the line goes..." Next time, pull out The Fishermans Ultimate Knot Guide. It illustrates 10 knots you must know."

Featured in March 1998, Bassin' "The Tackle Tester", by Dave Mull: "The Fisherman's Ultimate Knot Guide is one of the handiest things I've seen offered for those of us who like to play with new knots and sometimes forget particularly good ones..."

Customer reviews

Here is a small sample of customer reviews we receive on a regular basis.

Just a note to thank you for the extraordinary service. Great product fairly priced and very quickly delivered. What more could a person ask?

- Richard E

The Fisherman's Ultimate Knot Guide is a great little guide worth the money takes up very little room and keeps the rust out when it's been awhile since you tied those knots.

- Jason F

find it very helpful. Good price. Fast shipping.

- J. D

This is a great starter to intermediate knot tying manual. 'Ultimate' might be stretching it but it's close. Definitely adequate! You would be 'the man' if you mastered every knot in this manual! The envy of every other deck hand for sure!

- Scott P.

These cards are great to have in my pack. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and all the cards are held together well. You can't go wrong with these.

- Bryan S

Knots for any situation, depicted with easy to follow diagrams. What every outdoor enthusiast needs, and at a very nice price. I love surprising friends with these as gifts!

- Mike S

This is an excellent product I purchased the Saltwater edition for 1 tackle box and the Freshwater edition for my other, it's an excellent reference. The plastic coating makes it waterproof, cleanable and durable. Thank You!

- A. K

These are the handiest things I've found for my tackle box. The illustrations are easy to follow and make tying knots a breeze! I highly recommend them.

- Customer

These are the knots I needed but never had time to memorize. Diagrams are easy to read & follow. Tucks away neat & looks like it'll last forever!

- Customer

I was so impressed with my first order I am ordering more!

- Phil W.

The plastic is thin enough to be lightweight, heavy enough to be durable. Well worth the price, although I did get mine at a big discount store it was the same price as here.

- microjoe

Buy it, use it, love it; enough said.

- anonymous

I bought this set of knot making instructions when I wanted to learn how to make stronger and better knots. Worked out great. When I forget, I have a handy reference tool at my finger tips. The instructions are eay to follow and the cards are plastic. The cards are about the size of a credit card which makes for easy storage in your box or pocket. A must have.

- streek1975

I bought these cards because I can't remember all the different knots. It turned out to be a really good investment. I use the cards every time out since different situations require different knots. It's so good to have a go-to guide handy.

- madscientist

The pro-knot fishing knot instruction cards are really helpful when tying different kind ot knots. easy to carry, easy to manipulate. A must in a tackle bag.

- Pattieniover

I am 71 year grandma and I am proudly teaching my grandboys how to fish and tie their own knots this is so wonderful. I think everyone should have a set in their fishing box.

- anonymous