Company Info

Company Info

The idea for the original “Knot Cards” was invented by company founder John Sherry in 1993 (see below - Knot Card Story). With over 1.5 million sold, they are the America’s favorite knot reference and the best selling knot reference in the world.

For fishing knots we offer four versions: our best selling Fisherman's Ultimate Knot Guide which has the ten best fishing knots and folds out to a 12 inch ruler, the Pro-Knot Fishing Knots which have twelve fishing knots in a six page “fan-pack” format,  the Pro-Knot Fishing Knot Cards - Saltwater Edition, which feature twelve fishing knots including some knots commonly used in offshore fishing and the Pro-Knot Fly Fishing Knot Cards which is printed in full color and has 12 knots favored by fly fishermen around the world.

For rope knots, The Pro-Knot Outdoor Knots fan pack features 23 essential rope knots printed on 6 waterproof plastic cards and is the best selling rope knot reference in history. Whether you are on a boat, a mountain, a ranch, a campsite or at home they have the knots you need. The Pro-Knot Knot Knot Tying Kit is very popular and in addition to one Pro-Knot Rope Knot Card, the Kit includes two lengths of practice cordage and two carabiners - the mini sized one can be used to hang the cards from a backpack or key chain.

Read complete descriptions of each knot card set, including the knots contained on the cards in the “Shop” section of this site.

For knots on the internet, be sure to check out our sister site where all of our knots are illustrated and animated! Back in the earliest days of the internet, before even Google, we put up one of the first websites that showed folks how to tie knots with knot descriptions and uses, step by step illustrations and animated knots. Now, many years later NetKnots remains one of the most visited and respected knot references on the web.

The Knot Card Story

The invention of Knot Cards

The story of the invention of our water-proof plastic "Knot Cards" begins nearly 30 years ago with a fishing and scuba diving trip to the Sea of Cortez, off the Baja California coast near Bajia de las Angeles.

A vital piece of equipment for scuba divers is their Navy Dive Table, that aids in planning their dives; the depth and duration, to avoid air compression sickness. The tables are printed on waterproof plastic cards. While consulting his card between dives company founder and avid fisherman John Sherry thought to himself: "Why doesn’t anyone print fishing knots on these same cards? Then you can have them in your tackle box and you wouldn’t have to worry about them getting wet.” It seemed like a good idea to him and upon returning home he drew up a selection of his favorite fishing knots on his computer, had them printed on plastic cards and test marketed the first set of waterproof plastic knot cards (coining the term “knot cards” at the time) in Southern California in 1993. They were a big hit in those California tackle stores and more were quickly printed. His customer base expanded to tackle stores, fly shops and outdoor stores from coast to coast. It followed that rope knots on portable plastic cards would be a benefit to boaters, hikers, climbers, kayakers, etc., and that proved to be true too.

Now, twenty nine years and countless improvements to the cards later the company's knot cards are the best selling knot references in the USA. They are sold in some of the largest chain stores and internet/mail order catalogs in the country, as well as over one thousand small fishing tackle and outdoor stores. They are even the #1 selling knot ”book” on It seems a lot of folks agreed that Knot Cards were a good idea!