Skipper's Combo - Pro-knot Outdoor Knots + Pro-knot Saltwater Fishing Knots

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A great deal - Put two of our best sellers on your boat and get $1.25 off! One set for fishing (Saltwater version) and one set for boating rope knots. Skipper's combo includes one Pro-Knot Fishing Knot Salt Water Edition and one Pro-Knot Outdoor Knot Card.

Boating Knots: This Outdoor Knots version will serve you well whether you are lashing down a kayak on the roof of your car (use the Trucker's Hitch), hanging an adjustable line in camp (use the Tautline Hitch), tying a boat to a dock (Cleat Hitch), or you just need a quick peek at the good old Bowline Knot while outdoors. And being completely waterproof solid plastic means you can take them with you anywhere without worry - great for wilderness survival kits, boating, camping, and emergency preparedness.

These rope knots are universal for survival, boating, climbing, prepping, search and rescue, home and ranch, scouts, camping, paddle sports and any outdoor activity involving rope. There are step-by-step instructions for joining ropes together, tying rope to objects and making loops.

Knots include: Bowline (single best all-around knot to know), Square Knot, Water Knot (best knot for use with nylon webbing), Rolling Hitch, Clove Hitch, Sheet Bend, Double Sheet Bend, Trucker's Hitch (a must know knot), Mooring Hitch (quick release knot), Cleat Hitch (boaters must-know knot), Tautline Hitch (adjustable knot for camp guy-lines), Buntline Hitch (use for attaching rings, snaps, etc to rope), Prusik Knot, Butterfly Knot, Half Hitch, Two Half Hitches, Constrictor Knot (bundle up loose items), Double Fisherman's (join two ropes), Figure Eight, Bowline on a Bight, Stopper Knot, Slippery Half Hitch (part of the Truckers Hitch system of knots), Timber Hitch. 23 knots total.

Pro-Knot - The portable waterproof knot book! With over 1.5 million knot cards sold, Pro-Knot is America's favorite knot reference.

Fishing Knots: Features twelve essential big game saltwater fishing knots, clearly illustrated and with their uses described on six waterproof/salt-proof plastic cards! Waterproof knot cards mean you can stash this little knot reference in a tackle box or on a boat for years and not worry about it getting wet!

- Waterproof plastic cards attached with a no-rust brass grommet.

- 12 best saltwater fishing knots with easy to follow instructions.

- Portable, pocket size: 3½ x 2¼ x 1/8 inch and durable solid plastic design.

- One knot per card for clarity.

- A great fisherman gift idea!

Featuring big game favorite fishing knots for fluorocarbon and Spectra such as the Albright Special (fluoro to mono leader knot) and Offshore Swivel Knot. Also has the rarely published San Diego Jam Knot for terminal tackle connections which can be tied reliably and easily in monofilament, braided and fluorocarbon lines! These 12 saltwater fishing knots are clearly illustrated: Improved Clinch, Palomar Knot, Uni-Knot, San Diego Jam Knot, Offshore Swivel Knot, Non Slip Mono Loop Knot, J Knot (the strongest-tested line to leader knot), Albright Special, Dropper Loop, Surgeon’s End Loop, Double Uni-Knot, and Surgeon’s Knot.

With over one million knot cards sold, Pro-Knot is America's favorite waterproof knot book. This Pro-Knot Saltwater Fishing Knots card set will serve you well whether you are a beginner to the sport of fishing or you would just like to have a portable how-to guide with you while on the beach, jetty, pier or in your boat. Every angler should have a set of these little fishing knot cards in their tackle box!

Limited time offer.

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